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Case Studies Product Design Company

We are award-winning Industrial Design Consultants

We help brands and businesses solve problems to gain a competitive advantage in the physical world. Enabling organisations to grow and launch new products that are always Better by Design.

We know a successful product should be cost-effective, meet the needs of the end-user, and deliver a return on investment.

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How we helped expand a product range for business growth


How we combined premium aesthetics and engineering to create the ultimate hygienic washroom.

3DX-Ray Axis CXi

How our design team delivered a complete solution through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Innovate UK Project with GEA and DMU

How we contributed to a freeze-drying process that is 20% faster than current methodologies.

Virtual Microscope

How Med-Tech is delivering sight restoring operations to over 250,000 people worldwide.

Matthews Automation Vehicles

How our modular design turned a core electronics system into a scalable shelf-ready product


How a design update increased sales by over 20% for Monika


How clever design for Bathroom Brands saved space and cost

VisionPlus Caravan Antennas

How a product design consultancy reduced production costs and improved manufacture

G7th Guitar Packaging from Product Designers

How packaging can maximise both product and brand awareness and drive sales

Medical Products Bluefrog Design

How we developed a medical device for Hydrotreat.

Bluefrog Design Transport Design

How we helped BIKEsystems raise over £100,000 for their BIKEhud display

Earthsense Air Quality Sensor Designed by Bluefrog Design

How bluefrog design’s expertise is contributing to green the planet

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