How a design update increased sales by over 20% for Monika.

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Monika was able to win major new contracts in the commercial market, including Asda, Ikea – even supplying systems to the Houses of Parliament, increasing sales by over 20%.

With increasing competition from home and abroad, our industrial design consultancy was asked to refresh Monika’s existing temperature monitoring and data logging product range, which we had designed for them 10 years previously. Building on its time in the market, we gathered insights that enabled us to drive innovation into the product. The result was an up-to-date coherent design language, running across a range of seven base products which are cleaner, brighter, more hygienic and capable of withstanding the rigours and environmental conditions in the workplace.

Industrial design service smart data loggers for Monika

The Journey

One of the challenges of the design update was to meet the target manufacturing cost for the entire system. With clever design, we were able to engineer and optimise the range to meet these targets and deliver low-volume, high-value, quality products addressing the needs of the market. This was accomplished using a U.K. supply chain for tooling and production, which was time and cost-effective compared with off-shore manufacturing.

The Outcome

With a new range of products, incorporating the latest temperature, data logging and wireless electronics, Monika were able to win major new contracts in the commercial market, including Asda and Ikea– even supplying systems to the Houses of Parliament and Woolworths Australia, boosting sales by more than 20%.


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