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Your Journey through our tailored product design process

We understand your project is important to you. To ensure a successful outcome Bluefrog Design take a structured and pragmatic approach to new product development. Firstly, we will, with empathy, identify the challenges you face. Then, we’ll tailor our service to meet the unique needs of your project.

This means clearly defining a programme of work. You’ll receive a proposal with fees, detailing a number of discrete stages appropriate to your project requirements, identifying milestones, timelines and measurable deliverables. Communication and involvement with you are maintained at a consistent level for the duration of the project.

Bluefrog Design is accredited by The British Industrial Design Association (Pro Team BIDA) to follow best professional practice for Product Design Consultancies. All engagements are carried out under a non-disclosure agreement to maintain business confidentiality. All intellectual property rights resulting from your project pass from Bluefrog Design to you on completion of the project and settlement of professional fees.

Our design process transforms your idea into a real product that satisfies your market and is Better By Design. No matter what your project is, depending on the level of intervention required it is likely our journey together will include one or more of the following phases.

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For us great product design

starts with a thorough

understanding of your brief.

For us, great product design starts with a thorough understanding of your brief. However, that goes way beyond taking notes; instead we immerse ourselves in the product concept and project. If we’re designing a medical device, we’ll observe the clinical procedure; if we’re developing a hedge-trimmer, we’ll trim a lot of hedges. This is how we become experts in your field and gain valuable insights. When this research is complete we review the situation, establish the needs of your end-user and examine your product’s feasibility.

Discover and Learn includes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning and management
  • Competitor product reviews
  • User observation
  • Addressing I.P. issues
  • Ideation workshops
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We work through a range of options

developing ideas to define

which one is right for your product.

It’s often the case that there is more than one solution to the same product design challenge, and it takes real insight to determine the best one, especially when creating a vision for your future.  We work through a range of options to define which one is right, exploring your ideas extensively and involving you closely in the decision-making and creative process. Everything is carefully examined and considered, giving you the confidence to proceed in the knowledge that you have the right solution.

Develop and Create includes
  • Product design concepts
  • Concept & user evaluation
  • Mechanical design concepts
  • Design visualisation
  • Ergonomic rigs & sketch models
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Our mission is to help you

develop high-quality, value-added

product design solutions

Our mission is to develop high-quality, value-added, product design solutions in the most effective way. Innovation alone isn’t enough; it must be backed with great engineering, which is why making your concept a reality means drilling down into the fine details. We examine functionality, evaluate performance and refine the product, selecting the right materials and manufacturing process, giving you peace of mind that your product works and is cost effective.

Design and Implement includes
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Verification testing
  • Technical specification
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We regularly oversee products as they

move into the manufacturing phase,

managing the process on your behalf.

Many factors need to align for a product to be successful in the market. Preparing your organisation for a smooth and seamless progression into production can be a daunting challenge. We support your project as it transitions from design into the manufacturing phase. By working with you, or managing the complete process on your behalf, we can ensure the original vision and design intent is captured and communicated effectively to all partners, delivering a finished product ready for market.

Deploy & Deliver includes
  • Product design management
  • Quality approvals
  • Marketing materials
  • Manufacturing & supplier sourcing
  • Manufacturing & assembly

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