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Medical Device Design Consultancy

The products we design impact the lives of real people. That responsibility has even greater significance when a single concept could become the future of medical device development healthcare. That’s why we are passionate about our role in creating innovative products that surpass expectations in research, design and delivery.

Our designs can influence the way people care for their health or the health of others. We have established a reputation for innovative design in bioscience, healthcare and medical products for laboratory use, with scientific instruments and drug delivery systems – from supporting the research into smart wound dressings for diabetic ulcers to wearable technology for surgeons.

Our extensive knowledge of medical and scientific product design has come through hands-on experience and forward-thinking research. We have a long history of working closely with UK and EU universities, organisations and businesses in collaborative projects, which places us at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Ready to get started?

Need a medical device design consultancy with hands-on experience and fresh design thinking?

Effective medical device design doesn’t always have to be complex. We are committed to flawless design that combines innovation with accuracy and safety for better and effective medical products.

What We Do

Bluefrog Design is committed to flawless design that combines innovation with accuracy and safety for better and effective medical products. We understand the importance of regulatory compliance including ISO9001 and ISO13485; we provide detailed information about the design, function, composition and use of your product in a Design Dossier to support the Technical File of your QMS systems.

Of course, we understand that effective medical design doesn’t always mean using complex manufacturing technologies. In every project, there are key considerations, often user-specific, which require fresh design thinking. For instance, we developed a novel low-cost process to produce body-specific guards in medical-grade materials for a patient suffering from Paraesthesia. The design focussed on simplicity, wearability and improving the quality of life, resulting in a Med-Tech Innovation award for advancing healthcare.

Our expertise in scientific and medical technologies ensure that we are leading the way as an effective product design consultancy – supporting you in making a difference to real lives.

Our Medical Design Clients

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Meet the Team

Bluefrog Design’s team has extensive experience in Medical Design development, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative thinking to create life-changing and market-leading medical products.

ensuring the design is optimised for manufacture

Our Design Process

At Bluefrog Design, we empathise with the significance of your project. Our pragmatic and structured approach to new product development starts by identifying your challenges, allowing us to tailor our services to meet your project’s unique needs.

Our Medical Design Services

If you would like to hear more on how we can improve the quality of your products or help with your product development, please contact Bluefrog Design at

FAQ’s on Medical Device Design and Development

What is medical product design?

Medical product design is the process of creating and developing innovative and safe medical devices, equipment, and healthcare solutions that meet the specific needs of patients, medical professionals, and the healthcare industry. It involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining engineering, industrial design, ergonomics, usability, and regulatory considerations to bring new medical products from concept to reality. The goal of medical product design is to improve patient outcomes, enhance medical treatments, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology. Learn more in our guide: An Introduction to Medical Product Design

How to design a medical product?

Designing a medical product requires a systematic approach. Identify the medical problem and gather insights from investors and stakeholders. Generate multiple design concepts, prototype, and test them for functionality and usability. Ensure regulatory compliance and conduct usability testing with target users. Finalise the detail design, engineering, and manufacturing. If necessary, conduct clinical trials for safety and efficacy. Continuously monitor post-launch performance and update the product based on real-world usage. Collaborate with experienced professionals to create a successful and impactful medical product that improves healthcare outcomes.

Who designs medical devices?

Medical devices are designed by multidisciplinary teams comprising industrial designers, mechanical and electronic engineers, human factors experts, and regulatory specialists. At Bluefrog Design, our team of experienced innovators and engineers collaborates to create innovative and user-centric medical devices. We integrate creativity, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of user needs to develop products that meet regulatory requirements and deliver exceptional user experiences.

How do you patent a medical product?

Patenting a medical product involves a structured process to protect intellectual property. At Bluefrog Design, we work closely with clients to ensure their innovative medical products are properly protected. Our experts conduct thorough research to identify existing patents and ensure the product is novel and non-obvious. We then assist in preparing and filing the patent application, including detailed specifications and claims. Throughout the process, we aim to secure the strongest possible patent protection for our clients’ medical products, safeguarding their ideas and innovations in the competitive healthcare market.

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