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Industrial Design

In the digital age, the real-world object makes a uniquely powerful connection with people. In fact, it is often the strongest way to express the values of your brand or company name. This is why we are convinced industrial design must always be intelligent, useable and up to date.

As a team, we bring together creativity and imagination to explore form, function, and construction. Considering every element of your design in our inclusive process, we combine Human-Centred and Concept Design, Computer-Aided Design, Product Visualisation and Design Development, Visual Brand Language, UI/UX and Product Graphics and Packaging, so that every element of your product works cohesively.

Our role is to innovate, discover new opportunities and identify the most advantageous solutions for your project. By evaluating and assessing the design of your product at each stage we hone the final outcome to create a more satisfying user experience, fundamental to the commercial success of your business.

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Human-Centred Design

While consumer satisfaction is key to commercial success, exceptional design considers every person that interacts with the product. Human, or People Centred Design, factors in all the people involved through manufacture, delivery, installation and servicing, as well as the end user.

Human Centred Design is part of our iterative approach. Each stage of the design process is evaluated for the human factor; ergonomics, usability, physical and behavioural elements and empathy. We produce ergonomic models, create storyboards and roleplay to discover hidden issues and help evaluate potential solutions, observing how different people interact with products at different stages of the journey. The aim is to understand the needs of every person engaged throughout the lifecycle to deliver a better product experience for all.

Concept Design

The entire design process is one of constant iteration and refinement. Concept Design is the first step in this journey where we explore initial ideas to address your challenge. The concepts generated at this stage are expansive, without technical limitations, which allows for a wider range of options to be considered. Then we can carefully evaluate the impact of each idea against your business objective and define the preferred design direction, before progressing with a detailed product development programme.

During the Concept Design stage our team work collaboratively with each other and you, capitalising on our shared knowledge and experience to discover innovative solutions. After all, we are committed to working with you to create successful and profitable products that are of real value to the user.

Visual Brand Language

Visual Brand Language is an element of product design that communicates a consistent brand message to consumers.  An established VBL is a shared DNA on which new products stand, clearly identifiable as part of your overall product family and helping you to stand out in the marketplace.

Our Consumer Product Design team will work with you to create a strong and identifiable brand presence for your products. We consider every aspect that will appeal to your customers and works cohesively with your business brand, values and company ethos. This includes colour, material and finish (CMF), fundamental styling cues and form, establishing a unique design language that can be implemented across all future products. Of course, we can also work within your existing VBL guidelines or evolve these to revitalise your product range.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design is an essential and effective part of our product design and development process. It enables us to transform formative conceptual ideas into fully finished manufacturable products. Using CAD, we optimise the product performance through simulation, and gather extensive digital data for defining physical size, form and function, to engineering and refining technical details, and identifying manufacturing costs, all powering innovative design.

Our 3D CAD models help validate, communicate and share your design with the world. From product visualisation, prototyping and testing to identify market appeal and performance, the digital data is continually evolved, knowing the design intent is locked in and aligned with the original concept. Our Computer Aided Design provides the precise information required for the viable manufacture of your product.

Product Visualisation

To bring a great idea to life, every stakeholder must share the same vision. Only then can a project move forward with confidence and determination. Without exception, strong and effective communication is crucial to success. From the start of the design process, product visualisation is used to create images and media that confirm the direction of the project clearly. Throughout the project it can portray the materials and finish to be used in manufacture. In the final stages, visualisation can be used for market testing, sales and marketing.

Our team will create a strong visual representation of your product in the most appropriate form, sketches, photorealistic renders, product storyboards or animations. These can assist you in communicating your idea clearly with investors, focus groups and directors to promote a common understanding of the product concept.

Design Development

The industrial design process is one of continuous development. Effective design should not be rushed; instead, it should be a considered process that explores and tests different ideas to find the best solution. As our team take your concept through each necessary stage from research and ideation to Computer Aided Design and prototyping to the point of manufacture, the design is continually reassessed and refined until perfected.

At Bluefrog Design we design products that are fit for market and purpose. Our role is to help you achieve your business objective and maximise market opportunities. Working towards defined requirement specifications and benchmarking new designs against competitor products, we spare no effort in adjusting and refining the design until it reaches its full potential.

Product Graphics

Product graphics are more than just glossy labels and carefully positioned logos. In fact, they are the primary means of communication between the product and the user. Effective graphic design and placement impact the user experience, from the simplicity of an on/off switch to a complex control panel. Graphics play a particularly important role in specific situations, such as products used by the visually impaired. And when safety is paramount, effective graphic layouts and icons bring confidence and security.

Clear, concise product graphics can make the difference between a confusing product and one that’s great to own and use. By integrating this as part of our design solution, we ensure every aspect works cohesively with the design intent and visual brand language.

UI/UX Design

Increasingly, products today must be able to perform and interact as part of the internet of things. Where online technology and applications form a part of the product interface, the design must consider how these will interact.

Just as we explore user experience in the physical product, we also consider the user experience (UX) in the digital product. We will provide a map of the user interface (UI) process and design the front end for a seamless continuation of the user experience – always considering the Visual Brand Language and Graphics.  Our solution will bring together the physical and digital assets into one consolidated system for maximum commercial success in the connected world.


Packaging not only adds appeal to a product, it can be a persuasive factor in the purchasing process. A strong packaging design builds confidence and desirability before the physical product has been seen or touched. That’s why it’s essential there is a coherent brand message and seamless design process between packaging and product.

At Bluefrog Design, we understand that perfect packaging design has two purposes: powerful shelf-appeal and protection for the goods, both in harmony with your brand. This is why we take the time to refine your packaging design to be informative and provide the best possible user-experience. And at the same time, we consider every material used for sustainability, using eco-friendly and recycled materials wherever possible.

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