How we helped Hydrotreat minimise risk in the development process.

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Developing a novel and innovative technology, capable of delivering alternating hot and cold water in programmable treatment sessions.

Contrast Hydrotherapy uses alternating hot and cold water to treat and speed up the healing of soft tissue injuries through the dilation and constriction of subcutaneous blood vessels. Hydrotreat, founded by a physiotherapist specialising in sports related injuries, commissioned Bluefrog Design to carry out a feasibility study into this novel and innovative procedure, and tasked us to design a mobile demonstration unit capable of delivering alternating, pulsed hot and cold water in programmable treatment sessions.

Medical Device Design Consultancy - Hydrotreat handle product design

The Journey

The project started by reviewing the academic literature and undertaking research with potential users, both physiotherapists and patients, to inform the development pathway. The resultant research enabled us to design a working prototype capable of delivering treatments in both an open and closed loop system, where hot and cold water could be recycled.

The Outcome

With a fully operational prototype, Hydrotreat were able to demonstrate the unit to potential investors and evaluate the system, gaining valuable insights and feedback from clinical trials. Minimising the risk and financial exposure prior to full scale development.

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