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The partnership with Bluefrog Design has been instrumental in creating such a professional and successful product. Their blend of technical expertise and design acumen has resulted in a product that we're proud to offer to our clients.

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  • 9200 Series – Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator

AW Technology identified the need for a product that could be utilised by developers and manufacturers to enhance the quality, performance and efficiency of CO detectors.

AW Technology are pioneers in safety technology, primarily focused on developing high-performance calibration equipment for smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection. The company has evolved into a worldwide business due to its commitment to quality technology solutions in the fire detection and alarm industry. Their multi-disciplinary engineering team is recognised for developing products that combine technical and commercial viability, contributing significantly to widespread industry innovations.

As the leading independent provider of test-equipment to this industry, AW Technology identified the need for a product that could be utilised by developers and manufacturers to enhance the quality, performance and efficiency of their CO detectors. These are the familiar alarm devices we normally see in the home and workplace. In order to accomplish this they required the help of an industrial design consultancy who could provide solutions for a product that was both aesthetically appealing, practical, and engineered to withstand the rigours of daily use by a variety of operators.

AW Technology 9200 Series Render

The Journey

The primary challenge in developing the 9200 series was to meet the demanding requirements of EN50291-1 and EN54 standards. Combining a user-friendly interface and efficient performance within a compact footprint; of paramount importance where safety and space are primary concerns in factory and laboratory environments.

To overcome these challenges AW Technology partnered with Bluefrog Design, product design consultants known for their problem-solving approach, creative expertise in product development and design for manufacturing capabilities. This collaboration brought together technical proficiency and aesthetic considerations, ensuring the 9200 series met all functional and technical requirements.

The development process led to the creation of a state-of-the-art product featuring controlled calibration of CO detectors with fixed CO concentration levels, ramp tests, and timed sequences managed by sophisticated software. It incorporates safety interlocks, versatile chamber interfaces, a built-in PC and an ergonomically positioned touchscreen. The resulting design is focused on best human-centered principles, considering all aspects from manufacture, assembly, transportation and installation, to ultimately enhance the end-user experience.

Nevertheless, the project encountered a number of difficulties, chief among them being the creation of a stand-alone product secure enough to be used in a factory or laboratory setting and a design that is dependable enough to be produced in large quantities. A safe, continuously extracted volume was designed for housing gas bottles and mass flow controllers. Multiple carbon monoxide sensor modules were integrated into the equipment along with fail-safe mechanisms and structural compliance, to guarantee precision and protect operators from dangerous gas exposure.


The Outcome

The foundation of AW Technology and Bluefrog Design’s partnership, was a shared understanding of how crucial design is to enhancing value and guaranteeing product success. The company’s joint commitment to deliver products that improve lives with a focus on sustainability, resulted in a piece of equipment that is technically excellent and resource efficient.

The 9200 series is set to become a key component of AW Technology’s product range and is currently in high demand. It has helped the business make new investments in personnel and production capacity, proving the project’s beneficial impact on the organisation and opening up opportunities for further expansion.


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