How our product development service delivered a complete solution through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Bluefrog Design was tasked to design and develop a new cabinet-based range of products called AXIS-CXi. This included freestanding, mobile and table-mounted versions.

3DX-Ray is a UK manufacturer of X-Ray inspection and security system equipment and introduced 3D imaging to the market. Over the past 25 years they have developed products to support the growing demands of this industry. 3DX-Ray required the services of a product design consultancy to help develop a new state of the art screening system that was unique to their brand.

Bluefrog Design was tasked to design and develop a new cabinet-based range of products called AXIS-CXi. This included freestanding, mobile and table-mounted versions, with single and twin door options to meet customer and installation requirements. Working remotely with 3DX-Ray hardware engineers, our industrial design consultants delivered a complete product solution during the Covid-19 pandemic, from concept design through to design for manufacture and ready for market all within 10 months.

Bluefrog Design care about their craft and this enthusiasm translated across and into 3DX without becoming dictatorial. 3DX and Bluefrog Design are not dissimilar in size and culture. These characteristics have formed the foundation for a lasting and beneficial relationship.

Anthony BenneyOperations Manager - 3DX-Ray Ltd

The Journey

The design of cabinet-based X-Ray security screening systems has progressed very little since their introduction. Generally, they are anonymous black boxes with little presence or product identity hidden away in back offices. To strengthen their position in the market 3DX-Ray identified the opportunity for a completely new front of house product aimed primarily at hotels, offices, and museums. Deployed in foyers and reception areas, it was essential this new product complimented the quality of these environments.

3DX-Ray asked Bluefrog Design to develop a unified visual brand language that could be applied to this range and to future products. All within a consistent framework of form, colour, finish and specification reinforcing their position as market leaders.

Throughout the project we applied our extensive human-centred design process. We evaluated the ergonomics, usability, physical and behavioural elements of the product and considered every person involved through manufacture, delivery, installation and servicing to the satisfaction of the end-user.

The challenge with this project was packaging the class-leading technology into a compact form factor, reducing the overall weight through strategic positioning of lead screening without impacting on safety, and optimising the design to bring these elements together in a space-efficient footprint. A rigorous design process delivered a cost-effective solution that pushed the boundaries of metal fabrication, adding form, function and desirability to the AXIS-CXi range.

During this development our team went through the pressures of delivering the project on time whilst in a global pandemic. Working remotely our design engineers successfully completed the detail design, prototyping and DFM phases of the project meeting all the requirements.

3DX-Ray Cabinet Axis CXi Prototype Development

The Outcome

AXIS-CXi is distinct, clean, and robust. The result is a stylish enclosure with LED edge lighting indicating status and operational safety. Emphasis was placed on refining the user interface to ensure simplicity of use, and by articulating the monitor, ergonomic issues were resolved providing access from all sides. With a combination of soft and sharp surfaces the product blends elegantly into prestigious environments. Its compact size means it can be deployed discreetly where space is a premium, signalling purpose and setting the range above competitor products.

AXIS-CXi was launched in 2020 at the Total Security Summit, offering enhanced imaging quality at a competitive price and is receiving worldwide orders and recognition for its intuitive operation. From only 60 main components Bluefrog Design delivered a cost-effective range of 4 variants strengthening 3D-Xray’s position in the market as a total solution provider. Combining advanced aviation standard materials discrimination with a class-leading inspection volume means the unit can be used for checking mail and as a front of house service for checking bags, laptop cases and carry-on luggage.

The AXIS-CXi range received a European Product Design Honours Award in 2020.

3DX-Ray Axis CXI

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