The Importance of Rapid Prototyping

In rapid and ever-changing markets, designers and engineers are under enormous pressure to produce their work within rigorous timescales. Using the right prototyping method to model a new product is crucial to a successful, fast outcome, particularly if it’s deployed at the first opportunity. By accessing 3D printing, high-speed CNC machining, vacuum resin casting, vacuum forming and paint finishing, accurate and detailed prototypes can be generated easily and at speed.


These prototyping processes allow changes and modifications to be made during the product’s development phase, which minimises risk before the design transfers to full production. Of course it hasn’t always been this way. The different elements of a product that once took weeks to manufacture for testing and verification, can now be built in days, hours or even minutes. This has been a real advance for most industries, including those in the consumer, medical, transport and technology sectors, all enjoying the benefits of rapid prototyping.


In the last couple of years, 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – has been making headlines in product development and beyond. And it has certainly enhanced the prototyping process. That said, other methods are sometimes far more appropriate. For instance, if a substantial number of identical parts are required, or the prototype must be constructed from specific materials, processes such as CNC machining may be a better route. It very much depends on the product, the design and the timescale. Having the full range of prototyping options available is what really produces a considerable advantage.


Clearly, the choice of prototyping technologies is expanding all the time, and one method will never meet the needs of all projects. For example, a visual model of the product may be the vital link in the development process, whereas in other instances, the emphasis may be on functionality and performance. What doesn’t vary is the need to identify the perfect, rapid prototyping solution to meet the needs of your product development and launch.


Finding the right partner who understands your requirement for speed, cost-effectiveness, experience and expert knowledge is fundamental to your success.


Bluefrog is that partner. With an impressive track-record in sketch models, foam models, soft models, appearance models, ergonomic rigs, and working prototypes, you can depend on us for full, in-house, confidential prototyping. Add improved workflow and speedy turnaround to the mix, and you have everything you need to hone and develop your new product, ready for a successful market launch.


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