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Your product communicating effectively through graphic design

Product graphics are more than just glossy labels and carefully positioned logos. They encompass everything from the colour and texture of a product, to its actual physical form. In fact, they are the primary means of communication between the product and the user.


We know that clear, concise product graphics can make the difference between a confusing product and one that’s great to own and use.

Product Design

When you’re bringing a successful product to the marketplace, the power of branding cannot be ignored. From a recognisable logo, to the look and feel of the packaging, a brand which has strong appeal to its target audience can make all the difference. When you do not already have branding, our extensive knowledge of the markets in which we work allows us to create a branded product, with highly effective product graphics, ready to perform and be profitable.


Once the product design process is over, our graphic design service is there to complete the project by offering:

Packaging design

Web development

Point-of-sale materials

Instructions and operator manuals

By applying the same rigour and expertise to product graphics and branding as we do to product design, we can help you drive enthusiasm and promote your concept and brand to the marketplace.

Branding and Product Identity

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Product Design

Whether your product has nothing more than a simple ‘on/off’ switch or needs a complex operating panel, it’s precise design and testing that ensures the controls are simple and straightforward to use. This is particularly important for products used by those with a visual impairment. And when safety is paramount, effective graphic layouts and icons bring confidence and security.

Controls and interfaces

Product Design

Colours and textures

Colours and textures play an important role in communicating effectively with the user. They help to provide a universally intuitive interface which highlights key touch points, without the need for excessive text. In turn, this enables the product to cross barriers created by different levels of user ability, or differing languages for international markets.

Free consultation: a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your idea and business, and explore the challenges you are facing.