How packaging can maximise both product and brand awareness and drive sales…

Making your product stand out from the competition.

The brief was simple: re-design the packaging and product graphics for the complete G7th Capo range. When we started this project G7th produced a range of 20 capos of all different shapes, sizes and colours, and the same was true for their packaging and product graphics. As lovely as each one was, there was no consistency across the pack construction, graphics or brand communication.

Our plan was to unify the design of the packs to maximise the range’s impact on the retailer’s wall, reduce packaging inventory, and differentiate the different product types, emphasising the capo as the star attraction. This was achieved by developing a form factor that not only housed the entire range, but was able to communicate the company’s brand consistently, standing out from the competition.

Within a small period of time G7th had gained more retail real estate and greater brand awareness, increasing sales by 11% in a niche market which had not seen an increase in years, making a real impact with distributors, retailers and most importantly the guitarist.

Take a look at G7th complete range:



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New packaging range for G7th Capos