Our History

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Extensive experience making ideas a reality

Bluefrog design was founded, as 3CD, by Chris Samwell in 1990 as a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. We provided product design, engineering design and graphic design expertise to industry, supporting the product development process from concept to mass production.


Having started by working on air purification systems for Mountain Breeze, over the next 10 years we developed a broad portfolio of work for the kitchen and bathroom market, as well as power tools for Kango, and toys for Palitoy, Mattel and Bluebird.

Bluefrog Design UK

In 1993, we developed the Design Council Award winning NT50 Power Shower Pump for Newteam, which was still in production 18 years later.Consistently helping clients across the UK to create breakthrough product designs, our work has stood the test of time and delivered substantial return on investment.


Towards the end of the 90’s, we made significant investment in 3D CAD technology and have since continued to evolve our systems and facilities. These now include 3D printing, laser scanning and even U.A.V. data collection; advancing the business in the digital age.

The Early Years

The 21st century

To commemorate the millennium, we changed our name to something more memorable. Bluefrog Design was formed in 2000 and we moved into new premises, ready for a fresh start.


We’re based on the fringe of an area of Leicester known as Frog Island, a mile from the city centre. So, following a poll of our clients, we settled on Bluefrog Design. Incidentally, although many frogs are green (like Kermit), there really is a blue frog living in the rainforests of Suriname, South America.

Bluefrog Design Ltd was incorporated three years later and our client base grew from national to international clients, working with bathroom brands in Denmark and Germany – Damixa, Huppe and Duschalux’s UK subsidiary Showerlux – to deliver aspirational products; as well as designing cutting-edge virtual reality products for Cybermind BV Netherlands.

During this time, we established a close working partnership with Nick Campling of G7th Ltd, a start-up company who are now market leaders, supplying the award-winning Performance 2 guitar capo range. This innovative product with worldwide patents is favoured by novices and artists such as Eric Clapton , so it’s satisfying to know we had a hand in its success.

We do what we love

From 2010 onwards we have been heavily involved in developing products for high value manufacturing, particularly for the industrial and transport markets, providing design engineering expertise to Phasevision Ltd on white light scanners and Guidance Marine Ltd on disruptive positioning measurement technologies.


We continue to work at home and abroad, with a new satellite office in Berlin. Regularly engaging in collaborative partnerships with government agencies and universities, we serve clients across the consumer, industrial, transport and medical sectors, meeting new technology and innovation challenges to deliver successful products for the 21st century.

Product Design UK

2003 marked the start of a new era, as we were incorporated as a limited company


Steadily expanding our business, serving 122 local, national and international clients


Always very active, to date we've undertaken 411 projects and counting


Along the way, we've acquired and hold 17 unique patents

Free consultation: a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your idea and business, and explore the challenges you are facing.