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Bringing the expertise of others to your project

While we’re very accomplished at what we do, we’ve never been afraid to call on external specialists when a project demands it. In fact, we see our network of expert contacts as a real asset to our clients, as they often play a vital role in the development of a successful product.

Electronics Design Leicester

Electronic design is at the centre of many products and a crucial factor in its usability, functionality and efficient energy use. It also impacts on a product’s ability to comply with legislation and safety standards. When appropriate, we partner with external experts to introduce the latest electronic embedded control technology to deliver high performance, cost effective, solutions. Working with external electronics experts and specialists, we can effectively guide this area of your project, so the electronics make a real contribution to your commercial success.

Electronics Design

From the design of the architecture and intellectual property, to the development and manufacturing of unique software, electronics design is an essential part of our multi-disciplinary approach which delivers fit-for-purpose products. We’re highly experienced in integrating digital and analogue systems, using our knowledge of electronic developments to bring about increased reliability and performance demanded by the modern consumer.

IP Protection Leicester Product Design

I.P. Strategy

Of course, we are absolutely committed to helping you protect the ownership of your ideas. However, we can also make sure your concepts do not infringe on any existing intellectual property (IP). If existing IP becomes an obstacle, we’ll explore ways your concept can progress without causing an infringement. We can even look at the possibility of acquiring existing IP.

Managing your intellectual property strategy correctly is as important as an effective product design process. A crucial element of IP is the patent. This gives you the legal right to stop others using your invention and its existence may be enough to deter competitors. A patent gives you 20 years to develop a market for your product and is very attractive to investors, as it limits rivalry and can become a business asset with a value on your balance sheet. Design registration protects your innovation for up to 25 years, while trademarks legally prevent others taking advantage of the goodwill generated by your business, barring anyone else from trading under your name or something similar.


Liaising with patent agencies and IP legal specialists, we can help you manage the IP process to the greatest commercial advantage. We’ve often acted as expert witnesses in the resolution of IP disputes ,helping to ensure the right person benefits from an original idea.

Manufacturing routes Leicester

As an independent product design consultancy, you can be sure we only select manufacturers for your product based on the needs of your business. We’re also able to ensure testing and production trials are carried out correctly and your original vision remains intact.


Alongside our own industrial expertise, we have an extensive database of suppliers from across the globe. Great product development is about working with the right people and where third-party specialism or technology is needed, we have access to the very best.

Manufacturing Routes

This means we can research niche processes and services to find the best match for your product; not only the way your product is made, but also your logistics, flexibility and corporate social responsibility criteria. Undertaking cross-comparisons and supplier audits, we’re here to give you the best information on which you can make important decisions and help you identify the best route to market.

Free consultation: a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your idea and business, and explore the challenges you are facing.