Engineering Design

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Engineering design combined with technical flair to bring your product to life

At Bluefrog, the creation of commercially successful products means intensive planning, bespoke development processes and the use of state-of-the-art tools and techniques. However, it’s just as important to add innovative thinking to your project, to deliver outstanding results even when the task is particularly challenging. Driven by technical innovation and a wide experience of manufacturing, sustainability and value engineering, we look for the most cost-efficient way to build production-friendly products for you, while retaining the form and spirit of the original concept.

Polymer Components Design

We work with the latest technology to develop optimised, plastic moulded parts. Often including injection moulding tooling in our product design process, we can expedite your journey to manufacture through expert tool development and multi-cavity scale-up.

Design for Plastics

Our effective measurement techniques are invaluable in high-volume production and we use engineering-grade polymers and material science, alongside the latest systems such as mould flow analysis and FEA, to ensure all your metrics are accurate and exact before any tools are deployed.

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Design for Manufacture

The industrial design and development of a successful product is a demanding task, particularly when cost effectiveness is a priority. Nevertheless, this is where Bluefrog shines.


We carefully engineer your products, taking a wide range of factors into account – from materials and assembly, to customer appeal and fitness for purpose. For those more demanding products we will carry out FEA and FMA analysis to ensure the highest possible standards are met.


With experience and expertise, we introduce manufacture and assembly processes at an early stage in the product development path to increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary problems at a later stage.

We use prototyping extensively to assess and explore the performance of a product in development. This also allows us to check the results of our analysis and digital design, building our understanding and driving a product’s evolution.


Our testing facilities are equipped for a wide range of functional testing and performance analysis, including environmental test chambers, force and torque measurement, precision balances and CMM touch probe and vision-based 3D HD laser scanning systems. All this combines to give you the confidence that your product really works.

Testing for Performance

Product Design Leicester
Product Design Leicester
Product Design Leicester

Manufacturing Strategy

The cost, life expectancy and performance of a product depends not only on its design, but the assembly process, materials and equipment used in its production. So, when we’re assessing the viability of your product, we closely examine the demands it will place on the manufacturing process, including the volumes required, maintenance and environmental impact.

We have a long track-record in choosing and approving the right manufacturing systems across a range of products and industries. Our product designs have cost effectiveness built in and we enter into discussions with potential suppliers and manufacturers early on in the development cycle, reducing the potential for problems further down the line.

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Free consultation: a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your idea and business, and explore the challenges you are facing.