Design Development Process

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Industrial design excellence in action from your brief to your product

The product development process transforms an idea or concept into a product that satisfies the needs or wants of consumers or markets.We offer you the methods and means to realise the entire process, or you can select individual services depending on the demands of your project.

For us, great product design starts with a thorough understanding of your brief. However, that goes way beyond taking notes; instead we immerse ourselves in the product concept and project. If we’re developing a hedge-trimmer, we’ll trim a lot of hedges before we reach a solution. If we’re designing a medical device, we’ll observe the clinical procedure. This is how we become experts in your field and establish the needs of your end-user.


We call this ‘design through experience’ – and only when this research is complete do we review the situation, examine your product’s feasibility and begin our tried and tested industrial design process, including:

Feasibility studies

Project planning and management

Competitor product reviews

User observation

Addressing I.P. issues

To you, our client, this brings invaluable understanding and insight which ultimately produces commercially successful designs, right for the user and the market place.

Experience and learn

Product Design Leicester

Develop and create

Product Design Leicester

It’s often the case that there is more than one solution to the same product design challenge, and it takes real insight to determine the best one. This is where Bluefrog’s experience really counts, as we work through the range of available options to define which one is right for your product.


Our determination means we explore your industrial design ideas extensively, involving you closely in the decision-making and creative process. To arrive at the ideal answer we undertake:

Product design concepts

Concept & user evaluation

Mechanical design concepts

Design visualisation

Ergonomic rigs & sketch models

As you can see, we never settle for the first solution. Everything is carefully examined and considered, giving you the confidence to proceed knowing you have the right solution.

Our mission is to develop high-quality, value-added, product design solutions, in the most effective way. Innovation alone isn’t enough, it must be backed with great engineering. Which is why making our clients’ concepts a reality means drilling down into the fine details; carefully refining the product for the right manufacturing process and materials, while always keeping lifetime cost in mind.


We also make what we design. Using our in-house facilities we can prototype almost anything, giving us the ability to examine functionality, and giving you peace-of-mind that each development has been evaluated and is fit for purpose.


These services include:

3D CAD modelling

Technical drawings


Verification testing

Mechanical engineering

Prototyping is an essential part of the product design process. It places your idea in your hands, reducing the risk of expensive errors and giving you the opportunity to explore every aspect of your concept before it’s taken to market. Through prototyping, you can be confident that your product really works and is cost effective to manufacture.

Design and implement

Design and Implement

Deploy and deliver

Product Design Leicester

We regularly oversee products as they move into the manufacturing phase, managing the complete process on your behalf. Built on constant communication and openness, our project management service means you can be confident that all the necessary resources have been planned efficiently and effectively.


As well as providing you with a reliable timeline and organising the key approval stages, we take responsibility for liaising with suppliers to ensure delivery of the finished product. Working closely with you at every point, and providing regular updates, we co-ordinate quotes, injection-mould tooling, production trials and packaging for a smooth industrial design path to market.


Our project management service includes:

Product design management

Quality approvals

Brand & new media development

Manufacturing & supplier sourcing

Manufacture & assembly

You can rely on us to deliver a robust production process and supply chain, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: selling innovative products.

Free consultation: a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your idea and business, and explore the challenges you are facing.