Making Connections: Our Day At Venturefest East Midlands

On March 22, we were at the heart of The Venturefest East Midlands 2017 premier business event for generating innovation and growth, which came to Derby Arena for its third year.


The venturefest event was a huge success and saw over 1000 delegates pre-registered for the event, a main stage with 35 speakers, the Innovation Showcase Expo with over 55 brands, and the Business Lounge with six boutique sessions.


As we work collaboratively with the industrial, medical, transport, technology and consumer markets, this was a brilliant opportunity for delegates from all sectors to discover our unique approach to product development, and for us to meet some fascinating people. Once we explained how effective Bluefrog is in bringing a project to fruition, many were eager to discover more and we genuinely look forward to working with some of these visitors on their innovative ideas.


But it wasn’t just our sparkling charm(!) which won people over. This year we showcased a virtual binoculars system which we have developed and designed for Cinoptics in the Netherlands, this allowed us to show what can truly be achieved through our 3D printing services and how far it has come as a manufacturing process. Fellow attendees had the chance to try the high definition system, which immerses the user in a virtual world (in this case, a very agreeable Italian shopping street). Given the pouring rain outside the venue, the impressive experience was almost certainly enhanced by the digital Tuscan sunshine.


At lunchtime, all the special sessions and general hubbub came to a temporary halt as our hosts, the Derby Arena Velodrome, staged a cycling display. A motorised bike was seen being chased by an astonishingly athletic cyclist, both vehicles perpendicular to the stadium floor. It’s only when you witness this level of professional cycling in the flesh, that you realise the skill, nerve and power involved. It’s unlikely anyone in the venue wasn’t left with a feeling of admiration and awe. Truly spectacular stuff.


We’ve come to realise that the benefit of these exhibitions are twofold. Not only do we have the chance to have face-to-face conversations with delegates, attending to uncover the latest developments in British enterprise, but there’s also the valuable opportunity to interact with other exhibitors whose ambitions and plans have definite parallels with our own. Whether that’s a new-to-market product, such as the Sava Shower System appearing at VentureFest East Midlands, or investment specialists with the experience and skill to raise crucial funds for potential clients’ new ventures. These contacts are the lifeblood of the Bluefrog business. After all, we’re all about connecting with people to bring innovative concepts to life.


And that’s why you’ll find us at the most progressive, comprehensive events; always with a friendly smile and the time to discuss the ways in which we can help you develop your idea, product or project.


We look forward to seeing you at Cambridge Venturefest, please contact us if you would like to meet up and discuss how we can help your buisnesss.