Royal Society Industry Fellowship

Bluefrog Design will be working closely with the Royal Society Industry Fellowship; Professor Zeeshan Ahmad (De Montfort University) on Electrohydrodynamic (EHDA) Technologies for the development of novel platform and pharmaceutical technologies. The project is supported by The Royal Society (Industry Fellowship for Professor  Zeeshan Ahmad) and will enable us to work collectively towards some exciting developments in particle and possibly fiber base dosage forms; which have potential to be extremely beneficial for Pharmaceutical industries.  The project will combine over 10 years of Zeeshan’s experience in EHDA Technologies and BlueFrogs expertise in design and product development. The technology is much sought after which is evidenced by the highly interdisciplinary and active EPSRC EHDA Network, led by Zeeshan. Through the network we are in dialogue with corporate Pharma and other SME’s. We see much potential with this platform and look forward to innovating in this field as we have done so with Pharmaceutical Freeze dryers, sensing and monitoring technologies.